SOMM Blinders Game is an insanely fun card game that allows anyone to compete in their own blind tasting from home. 

What is SOMM Blinders Game?

Step One

Have 3-6 players bring a bottle of wine from the reference list in the deck. But don't let anyone else know what it is.

Step Two

Everyone is dealt five cards. By discarding on your turn and picking up, the goal is to match your hand with what you think you're drinking.

Step Three

The first person to call the wine correctly wins the round (and 5 extra points points) and the next bottle is poured. Full instructions come with the deck.
SOMM Blinders Game - Wine Night

Turn wine night into game night

We can agree that 2021 needs some excitement, and SOMM Blinders Game is the perfect way to turn your next wine and cheese night at home, with friends or family, into something a bit more fun! 
SOMM Blinders Game - Blind wine tasting card game

For wine lovers of all levels

With multiple decks to choose from and notes on each card, you don’t have to be a sommelier to call a wine right. SOMM Blinders Game gives anyone the chance to blind taste wine in a really fun, safe atmosphere. 


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