Correctly match your cards to the wine in each Bottle Round, and earn the most points based on those cards. After all wines have been tasted, the taster with the most points wins the game. The taster with the lowest points cleans the spit bucket.

  • Each player must bring a wine from the wine list in the deck with the label hidden so that no other player knows what they’ve brought.
  • The table decides the first "dealer", who shuffles and deals everyone 5 cards face down. They then pour their wine to each person's glass without letting anyone see the label. 
  • Starting left of the dealer, every player - including the dealer - must pick up from the blind pile or the discard pile and then discard a card, face-up, to the discard pile on their turn. All eyes are on the dealer's discards because they know what the wine is.
  • Steal cards have negative points if they are in your hand when a wine is called correctly. They can be used to steal a random card from anyone's hand at the table. The stealer cannot see what card they're taking, so hold your cards carefully.
  • If the call of the wine is correct, that player gets 5 extra points plus the points on their correct cards. If they are wrong, the game goes on until someone is right. All correct card points are added up in each player's hands and written down. Incorrect cards count for nothing. 
  • Now it’s on to the next wine with the next dealer! The person with the lowest cumulative points after all the Bottle Rounds cleans the spit bucket.
  • Full rules come with the deck, but trust us, this game can be figured out by anyone in one round.


  • Use small pours in each glass
  • Encourage people to use the spit bucket
  • Drink and play responsibly

This game of Blinders was years in the making and was never intended to be a “party drinking game” with the goal of everyone consuming copious amounts of wine. It’s a game of strategy and knowledge, coupled with the enjoyment of having fun with friends around a table. It’s a test to each person’s wine knowledge!

Novice and professional wine drinkers alike can play this game. It’s a lot of fun… take our word on that!

  • For tips on wine tasting, head over to our blog where we delve into some of the cards that you'll see in the deck as well as more info on blind tasting and playing Blinders!