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How It Works

Step One

Gather friends and have them each bring a covered bottle of wine to pour blind.

Step Two

Everyone is dealt five cards face down. By discarding on your turn and choosing new cards, the goal is to match your hand with what you think the wine is in the glass in front of you.

Step Three

The first person to call the wine correctly wins the round (and points) and the next bottle is poured.

The Ultimate wine party

SOMM Blinders descriptor cards

For wine lovers of all levels

With multiple decks to choose from and notes on each card, you don’t have to be a sommelier to call a wine right.  Whether you are studying for a sommelier exam, you're a wine novice, or just tired of your brother-in-law who thinks he knows everything about wine - SOMM Blinders Game gives anyone the chance to blind taste a wine in a really fun, safe atmosphere.  No phones, no screens, just wine and real conversation.

How To Play
SOMM Blinders card backs

The Origin

When we made SOMM, we fell in love with blind tasting. We spent time sleeping on people's floors, and spent hundreds of hours watching them blind taste and talk about wine. We became determined to find a way to bring this beautiful beverage to the normal person and make it entertaining. Blinders was born years ago with the production team talking about a way for people to experience this crazy thing called blind tasting. Blind tasting is the most useful tool in learning wine because it's fun, enlightening, competitive, and above all, something most people think they can't do. Blinders proves that wrong.

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