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Basic Skills for Blind Wine Tasting

Blind tasting can be incredibly difficult, unless you have SOMM Blinders, this blind wine tasting card game we came u...

The Effect of Fire and Smoke Taint on Wine

Smoke taint in wine is something that has been a big issue over the last few years, and 2020 was particularly bad. Th...

Is this Wine Oaked, or Unoaked?

This week we’re focusing on the Oaked and Unoaked cards, found in the SOMM Blinders Original Deck and the Red Deck. W...

All About Chardonnay

Chardonnay is often passed on, and for no good reason. It’s grown all over the world and is often said to be the wine...

An Intro to Tannins

A common question when playing Blinders among beginners is, “What are tannins?” Firstly, most of the wines that have ...

Acidity in Wine

How can you determine if a wine has high or low acidity in it? What does it taste like, what wine is high acidity com...

Do you want to play SOMM Blinders virtually?

It's 2020 and we're in the middle of a pandemic. You might be in lockdown, or there might be strict rules where you a...

Playing Blinders When You Know Nothing About Wine

So you've just started to enjoy wine and you want to learn more. How do you begin to learn the tastes of each wine, h...

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