Our Top 40 Wines of 2020 - Bottles 40-31
Alongside SOMM Blinders Game is SOMM TV, a network showcasing the best food and wine stories. Think Netflix, but for food and wine content. Our team at SOMM has the opportunity to film wineries around the world to hear their story, and behind every story there is a bottle. Given the nature of 2020, it was apt to put the top 40 wines in a list for you, for you to perhaps explore and then find in 2021. However, it was no easy task to pick our favorite wines of the year. Anyone who loves this world knows that situations, company, and even the food can influence how the drinker feels about a particular glass of wine. This list represents not just our favorite bottles, but also some of our favorite stories that were presented on SOMM TV in 2020 and many that will come in 2021. We wish you all happiness and many great glasses of wine in 2021!

40. 2019 - Cote des Roses - Rosé

Cote des Roses rosé by Gérard Bertrand

A simple, but solid wine that became my go-to “house wine” for 2020. This wine is from a great producer and is worth every penny. Thank you for getting me through this year.
Christina Wise (SOMM TV Co-Founder Lead & Producer; SOMM Blinders Game Creator)
Learn about Rosé on SOMM TV with this Rosé comparison by Claire Coppi.

39. 2005 - Pursued by Bear - Cabernet Sauvignon

2005 Pursued by Bear Cabernet Sauvignon, Kyle MacLachlan and Joel McHale on SOMM TV

We were lucky to taste the 2005 vintage of Pursued by Bear while filming with the winery’s owner Kyle MacLachlan and his friend Joel McHale for “Drink a Bottle". The fact that Washington makes fantastic wines for the price is no longer a secret, but this wine was way above expectations. Only beginning to touch the perfect drinking stage, this was the wine of the day that included top-notch Bordeaux, Spanish, and American classics. This is one of the stand out wines of the state and proof of how well they can age under the right hands. One of the best wines of 2020.
Nadine Nettmann (SOMM TV Producer & Editorial Director)
Watch the episode of Drink a Bottle with Joel and Kyle.

38. 2018 - Eden Rift Terraces - Pinot Noir

2018 Eden Rift Terraces Pinot Noir featured on SOMM TV

 Possibly one of the most magical estates in California and the definition of a "hidden gem". Eden Rift's Pinot Noir made from a few blocks of steeply terraced vineyards produces some of my favorite California Pinot Noir.
Carlos Bradley (Director & Cinematographer of SOMM TV Harvest Series)
Watch the episode of Harvest featuring Eden Rift on SOMM TV.

37. Orion - Oscar Maurer

Orion by Oscar Maurer Wine

Small family producer in Serbia, you can taste the passion, determination, and odds-defying-ness of following one’s own muse, in this case, ultra-historical Serbian wine.
Steve Matthiasson (SOMM TV Cast Member)
Watch Steve Matthiasson on SOMM TV. 

36. NV Substance - Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne

NV Substance Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne

MY GOD!!! I was fortunate to participate in a tasting during this year’s Le Fete du Champagne. My Oh My, this reductive style stole my soul! This was hands down, THE BEST champagne I have ever tasted in my entire life. To hear Anslem speak with Peter Lim about how influenced he has been by Lopez de Heredia, my all-time favorite Spanish producer was the icing on the cake. HANDS DOWN, the best Champagne I’ve ever tasted …. EVER!
Shakera Jones (SOMM TV Cast Member and Host of A Glass for Every Palate Podcast)
Listen to A Glass for Every Palate

35. 2018 - Beaux Frères - Chardonnay

2018 Beaux Frères Chardonnay

I had the pleasure of visiting Beaux Frères recently and was absolutely blown away by this Chardonnay! I have long enjoyed this famous Willamette Valley producer’s elegant Pinot Noirs, but this Chardonnay was something really special – and this is only their second vintage of producing this wine!
Claire Coppi (SOMM TV Cast Member)
Read all about Chardonnay on our blog post

34. 2016 - Antoine Jobard Meursault Blagny 1er Cru

2016 Antoine Jobard Meursault Blagny 1er Cru

My favorite white Burgundy of the year. Those who know me know I love my white Burgundies and I like them relatively young and fresh. I have a bottle left to try when it has some age on it.
Diane Carpenter (SOMM TV Co-Founder)
Learn about Meursault on SOMM TV

33. 2020 - Pilcrow, Hilliwalker, Mt Veeder, Napa Valley

2020 Pilcrow, Hilliwalker, Mt Veeder, Napa Valley

Yeah, it’s still fizzy and resting in a barrel, but in my 23 years in the Napa Valley, no vintage has ever been as challenging as this one. Fire, pandemic, fire, smoke, small yields, drought conditions, damn near everything you could worry about happened. Yet, this dry-farmed, biodynamically grown, non-tilled, non-hedged vineyard came through it all with some of the most spectacular fruit my wife and I could have hoped for. These vines—and this wine—remind me of what is so wonderful about this tucked-away corner of the earth. Maybe it’ll be our 1969 Chappellet? Fingers crossed.
Jonah Beer (SOMM TV Cast Member and Host of Hidden Stories of Napa Podcast)
Watch Jonah Beer and Dlynn Proctor on SOMM TV

32. 2019 - Ross Knoll Vineyard - Rosé of Calera Cuvée Kimmie

2019 Ross Knoll Vineyard Rosé of Calera Cuvée Kimmie

From my passion project Vineyard, a wine we made for our daughter's wedding. We had to downsize the wedding from 250 guests to just 20 but the evening was super special and many guests joined by Zoom. Sign of the times. The emotions behind this wine are personal to our family and we felt those emotions on this special day.
Diane Carpenter (SOMM TV Co-Founder)

31. 2016 - Tiganello

2016 Tiganello Matthew Kaner SOMM TV

Back in June, my good friend Bianca Vierra came on Blind Tasting Sessions with me and blinded me on a TOP Italian wine: Tiganello. I thought it was Bordeaux! I was BLOWN AWAY. She opened the 2016 vintage and it truly knocked my socks off! Cannot wait to track down another bottle and have it with a serious pasta meal.
Matthew Kaner (SOMM TV Cast Member and Host of History of Wine Podcast)
Watch the Blind Tasting episode between Matthew Kaner and Bianca Vierra on SOMM TV


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Written by Steve Johnson-Stott

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